“Malayalam Actor Kollam Sudhi Dies in Tragic Car Accident”

I’m sorry to inform you that the news about Malayalam actor Kollam Sudhi is quite tragic. According to multiple news sources, Kollam Sudhi passed away in a car accident on Monday, June 4, 2023. He was a well-known actor known for his comic roles and had gained popularity through his appearances on television shows like Star Magic.

The accident reportedly occurred when Kollam Sudhi was traveling with fellow artists Mahesh, Binu Adimali, and Ullas Aroor. The car they were in collided with a goods carrier, resulting in Kollam Sudhi sustaining a head injury that proved fatal.

The news of Kollam Sudhi’s untimely demise has been widely reported, and it has saddened the entertainment industry and his fans. His contributions to the Malayalam entertainment industry will be remembered, especially his notable performances in comedy roles.

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